June 2022 saw the official launch of our Hovercraft into service. This is the latest addition to our Rescue Assets and provides a rescue capability at all states of tide and conforms to the Hovercraft volunteer code.

The new Craft is capable of carrying up to four persons on board and can operate on land and/or water. Our crew have been busy upskilling themselves to be able to form part of the crew with training conducted over 18 months. In addition crew have been selected to undertake further extensive training in order to pilot the new craft.

Since entering Service it wasn’t long before our Hovercraft proved its worth, utilising its specialist capability to conduct a night time search for vulnerable person including the sand banks and marshland at Machynys.


Big thanks goes to Garden Village Football Club for the use of the playing fields, allowing us to carry out the initial basic training with the Hovercraft.