If you would like to make a long lasting Legacy to the Loughor Inshore Rescue Lifeboat in Memory of a Loved one there are many ways that this can be carried out.

We can arrange a scattering of a loved ones ashes at sea professionally with a Minister on board while the Family and friends watch from the shore.

This is a very sensitive occasion for the Family and we will provide a mature understanding Crew.

We understand your needs at this time and offer you a choice to make a donation or sponsor an item of kit or even a boat at the Lifeboat Station. There is no set limit and you can discuss details privately with the Secretary or one of our Trustee’s who is a Minister, and we can even come to you to discuss matters.

There is a Boating Club next door to us and they can cater for your Memorial gathering.

You can make a one off donation or even monthly or annual donation at your own choice.

All donations go directly towards the running of the Lifeboat as all our Crew are unpaid volunteers.