19th August

At 13:49 this afternoon the Crew of Loughor Lifeboat were paged by Milford Haven Coastguard to two persons on a blow up Kayak not making ground on a flooding tide and going round in circles. A concerned member of public made the phone call after seeing the kayak struggling up river and feared for the safety of the persons on board. Loughor Mobile Coastguard SRT arrived on scene and decided to call out the Crew of the Lifeboat to do a welfare check on the persons on board.
When on scene the two lads had no life jackets on they wore jeans jumpers and rain coats and no means of contact in an emergency.. Suitable advice was given by a Coastguard member on board the Lifeboat and the lads refused assistance but stated they were heading for the Bont.
Lifeboat No 2 returned to station and was washed down.
services involved: Milford Haven Coastguard COC Loughor Mobile Coastguard SRT and Lifeboat No 2 ERB Flood Response Boat