24th November

Crew were tasked by South Wales Police at 14:40 to help search for  a local person 83 yr old missing for over 5 hours. SWP were asked by the Lifeboat Crew to task Milford Haven Coastguard to help coordinate the search area’s and bring in mobile SRT’s as daylight was fading and weather conditions were of concern for a missing person.
South Wales Police were tasking NPAS Helicopter to scan  the area where the person was last believed to be in, while responding to the Call Lifeboat Crew member picked up the missing person cold, breathless and shivering on route to the station and returned person to his home in a warm car to awaiting Police Crews getting search plans started for the person all Crews were stood down Casualty was taken to his local GP for a check up and released & taken home safely by the Lifeboat Crewman.
Services involved South Wales Police Milford Haven COC. NPAS Helicopter and Loughor Inshore Rescue Lifeboat Crew #IndyLB 
All Stood down 15:00 hrs