Michael Rankin
Michael RankinCoxswain RYA Instructor Treasurer
Mike joined Loughor Inshore Rescue in 2003 and currently holds the position of Coxswain, RYA Powerboat Level 2 Instructor and treasurer.
He has the following qualifications:
RYA Power Boat Level 2 Instructor ,
RYA Advanced Powerboat
RYA Powerboat Level 2,
RYA Personal Water Craft,
Water Rescue First Responder,
First Aid.

Meet the Crew

Mike Walters
Mike WaltersLifeboat Operations Manager DLA & Crew
I am a carpenter in my daily employment.

RYA PB Level 2
RYA Intermediate
First Aid,
Oxygen Therapy.

In 1980, just before my 15th birthday I was at Loughor boating club helping friends work on their boat when the Irb had a call to search for a father and son who had gone missing whilst fishing on the estuary. This was my first call and unfortunately it didn’t end well. Since then I have been an active member of the crew. I have seen many crew come and go but the constant is that the crew have one goal, to help anyone in need on or near the water, no matter who, we are there to assist. It’s not about individual personalities, its about helping, whether it be making someone safe or sadly recovering a body to enable a family to have closure, we as a team work for an ultimate goal. We go into schools and local event to help educate children about being safe on and around the sea and hopefully make a difference.
My hobbies are cycling, walking, swimming, water sports and boating. Basically, outdoor life!

Joe Falconer
Joe FalconerCrew
Joe enjoys the outdoor activities and sports like Surfing & Rugby
Powerboat Level 2 First Aid, Defensive swimming, Water responder & Wading Pole.
Darren Wilson
Darren WilsonDLA Crew
Darren has been a member of Loughor Inshore Rescue for over 5 years. He has over 19 year’s operational service in the Fire and Rescue Service and is currently a lead instructor for Technical Water & Rope Rescue.
Darren has been involved with water & boats from a young age and has developed a wealth of experience attending such incidents whilst based at one of the Fire services water rescue stations and during his time as a crew member at Loughor Inshore Rescue. He has built on this experience with an array of qualifications, regularly putting them into practice at operational incidents and training scenarios at both local and National level.
Darren is a qualified in the following disciplines:Rope Rescue Supervisor Technical Rope Rescue Instructor Intermediate Trauma Care First Aid instructor RYA Power Boat Operator RYA Intermediate RYA Advanced RYA Powerboat Instructor RNLI Rescue Boat Operator & Instructor Water Rescue Advanced Tech Water Rescue Instructor Water Incident Manager Darren has also become a Water & Flood Rescue Tactical Advisor at both Regional and National level assisting with incidents such as the Aberystwyth Floods Summer of 2012 and winter storms of 2014 & 2015/16.
Sam Kiley
Sam KileyCrew
RYA Powerboat Level 2
RYA Intermediate VHF,
Day skipper,
Yacht Masters
Suzanne Collins
Suzanne CollinsCrew
SRC Qualified.
Committed to voluntary work and has served 12 years as a Civilian Gliding Instructor in the Air Cadet Organisation, undertaking duties as an aircraft Ground Engineer and Squadron Adjutant.
Aiden JonesCrew
John Edwards
John EdwardsSecretary DLA Lifeboat P.R. & Crew
Joined the Crew in 2004
John has been on many different boats from his time trawling to charter boats as a deck hand
RYA Powerboat Intermediate
RYA Powerboat Level 2
Oxygen therapy
First Aid 31 years of certification
Defensive swimming
Water responder & Wading Pole.
Luke Jones
Luke JonesCrew
Joined 2013
Employment: Student paramedic as of Sep 2016
Interests: Fishing, shooting, fitness, boating, music

My main inspiration for joining the crew was witnessing the lifeboat attending a capsized sailing boat while out boating with a friend on the estuary, as soon as I was old enough I applied to join the crew

Powerboat Level 2 Oxygen therapy O2 De-fib First Aid Defensive swimming, Water responder & Wading Pole.

Adam Leyshon
Adam LeyshonDLA Helm Crew
Advanced Powerboat
Boat log hours
Power Boat level 2
Survival at Sea
Rob Jenkins
Rob JenkinsCrew
Age – 44

Married with 2 children

Joined the lifeboat in May, 2017


Independent Reviewing Officer and Child Protection Chair for the City and County of Swansea


Supporting the Scarlets (best team in the universe, ever), films, holidays and spending time with my family

Harri ford
Harri fordCrew
Antony Swistun
Antony SwistunCrew
HNC business management, currently studying for a
BA leadership and management
RYA Intermediate Powerboat RYA Powerboat Level 2
Cold water survival
VHF license, Oxygen therapy, O2, De-fib, First Aid,
Defensive swimming, Water responder & Wading Pole.
Tom Oliver
Tom OliverCrew
Powerboat Level 2 Oxygen therapy O2 De-fib First Aid, Defensive swimming, Water responder & Wading Pole.
Gez Watt
Gez WattCrew
Oxygen therapy O2 De-fib First Aid Defensive swimming, Water responder & Wading Pole.
Nigel Williams
Nigel WilliamsCrew
Defensive swimming, Water responder & Wading Pole.
RYA PB Level 2
RYA Intermediate
Hannah Whitaker
Hannah WhitakerCrew


John Edwards
John EdwardsSecretary